Aqua Double DabCap


Every DabCap comes in a smell proof pop-top container, perfect to keep your DabCap safe or reusing for whatever you’d like. This unique vape attachment was designed with versatility in mind and boasts compatibility with nearly any vaporizer pen and industry standard pre-filled cartridges. The Aqua Double DabCap works & fits best however on round tipped mouthpieces and “CCell” cartridges.


Aqua Double DabCap -The Most Versatile Vape Adapter in the Market – What the Double DabCap Does

Aqua Double DabCap  boasts universal compatibility to virtually any water tool/rig and vape or vape cartridge. Easy to clean materials with an awesome special feature to keep the food-grade silicone from getting dust and hair stuck to it. As well as smoother, cleaner, and more flavorful vapour hits – with stronger effects. Whether you’re vaping CBD flower, CBD vape oils, or CBD concentrates. But, especially if the CBD has the terpenes in it.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Double DabCap series, what they are? Is a vape-to-rig pattern made from the highest quality, flexible food-grade silicone. Which fits virtually any size water pipe. And connects any vaporiser mouthpiece or a pre-filled cartridge.

The inner workings of it has fittings that connect to:

  • A Pax Era (for all you CBD flower lovers out there).
  • Any popular vape cartridge (such as a duckbill tip, tapered tip, or rounded tip).
  • And virtually any newly released pod or vaporizer system.

While the cone shaped tip of this versatile vape adapter fits in any male, or female, glass piece. Whether it’s a:

  • 10MM piece.
  • 14MM piece.
  • or an 18MM piece.

Can you imagine all the possibilities? And how smooth that CBD (cannabidiol) hit will be? Like, you are literally taking the two things that give a smooth hit, a vape and a water rig. Then connecting them together to get the smoothest rip of CBD in your life. Not to mention, the most flavor in one hit you’ve ever gotten. Gaining the ultimate CBD experience. There is a reason people are raving about the DabCap. But, besides the obvious, and it’s amazing versatility

How Does the Aqua double DabCap Works – How does it work- Where To Buy Aqua Double Dabcap

Aqua Cab is without a doubt, the best way to connect your CBD vaporizer pens, and pre-filled CBD cartridges, to your go-to glass pipes and bongs. Resulting in a super smooth filtration with every hit. Not to mention, more flavorful vapour hits, with stronger effects – the way it was intended to be.

Plus, it will never taint the quality or taste of the cannabidiol (CBD) product of your choice. Why, you ask? The Aqua Double Cap is made of temperature-resistant, high-quality, flexible food-grade silicone. And the even bigger bonus? It will stay clean, even if you drop it. Which is thanks to it’s anti-static, dust and hair repelling treatment on its outer walls. Can someone say, “easy clean-up”? Because we all know it’s never any fun accidentally getting a furball or dust bunny in your mouth. And this virtually indestructible, versatile adapter prevents that from happening. Not even the Original DabCap had this awesome feature.

This Version  DabCap is even recommended for use with any CCELL vape or cartridge. Which, for those of you that are unfamiliar with this term… a CCELL refers to the type of heating element that’s used in your vape – or vape cartridge. They’re what replaced the conventional wick-based coils. And wick-based coils are what contributed to the ineffective burning of your CBD oils and extracts. Via uneven heat distribution. CCELLs rendered that wick-based issue a thing of the past. After all, no one likes wasted product.

The design’s unique interior trench that allows the usage of the different types of vapes and cartridges? Creates an air-tight seal around the mouthpiece of your chosen vape.

Plug nd Play + Dab Cap = Super High Oilpen – Plug nd Play Double Dabcap

When you use a CCELL with it, their ceramic wicks that hold nearly .2g of CBD vape oil when fully saturated? Allow for you to draw several large, smooth hits before you need to re-saturate the coil. And when using a quality distillate, like our Tangerine Dream CBD oil for example… it will be viscous enough to rarely drip down during the duration of use.

However, if you choose to use a wax vaporizer so you can dab wax or crumble. Or even some other form of CBD distillate. It is recommended to ALWAYS preheat your wax. Which can be done with a few short clicks of the activation button. That will melt the wax down, as well as saturate the coils, to ensure no dripping while in use. As the vaporizer you’re connecting to a glass piece with this amazing vape-to-rig adapter will go upside down.

Allowing you to get the smoothest hits with the most flavour – and strongest effects. So you get the most out of your CBD supplement. Even more so if it’s a terpene infused one.

How to Use Aqua double DabCap

To use this amazing, versatile vape adapter is pretty easy. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Load your preferred CBD vape oil or concentrate into your go to vaporizer.
  • Attach the vaporizer of your choice, to interior trench fitting that best fits the mouthpiece.
  • If using a wax, distillate, or concentrate – heat it up to saturate the coil and melt the extract down.
  • Remove the bowl piece/banger.
  • Put the cone shaped end of the DabCap in the hole for the male, or female, downstream of your piece.
  • Let her rip.

From there, you simply enjoy the smooth hits.

Why Choose Aqua dabcab? The Original DabCap – Universal Vape to Bong Adapter

If being the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to connect your CBD vape, and pre-filled cartridges, to your favorite glass pieces isn’t enough to convince you. Nor is the smooth, clean, more flavorful hits with stronger effects you’ll get using the DabCap. Let alone it’s superior versatility and cleanliness. Maybe the fact that while you can always get the DabCap in the color black and white – there are even limited edition color drops. Some of which, glow in the dark. Which, obviously you’ll want to get during their short time of availability. Because, who doesn’t love limited edition gear and products? And being one of the lucky few to own them?

In all seriousness, and jokes aside, the DabCap is a truly superior, versatile vape-to-rig adapter. That nothing else on the market can compare to. Making it the best choice to add to your collection. And to use for taking your CBD supplement with. So you obtain the cleanest, most flavorful, and smoothest vapour hit with the strongest effects. Gaining the most out of your terpene infused CBD product.

  • Aqua double DabCap, compatible with PLUGplay™ device only.


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