Classic DabCap – Black Ice



Classic DabCap – Black Ice – PLUGPLAY™ – DabCap Adapter-Classic Black – Dab Cap

A new way to PLAY. Exclusive PLUGPLAY™ DabCap (plug-to-water-pipe adapter) will get you blowin’ clouds all day. Blinkers only. The V4 DapCap is the most universal adapter on the market today. The universal design allows the dabcap to be compatible with nearly all extraction devices and/or water pipes or rigs. The outer coating of the dabcap is anti-static, which means any dust, hair, or other particles that tend to stick to silicone are naturally repelled. And just like all silicone products provide you a peace of mind anytime they may fall or drop, the Dabcap is make from premium heat-resistant food-grade silicone capable of withstanding temperatures up to 550°F, making it practically indestructible.

To use it, simple take your extraction vape device and put it inside the dabcap. Next, attach the dabcap, with the device, onto your favorite water pipe or rig. Once you see the desired vapor in your piece, simply remove the dabcap with the device and clear your bong.

Does the DabCaps work with duckbill shaped mouthpieces? Where to buy DabCaps Black Ice online

Yes! The DabCap’s patent-pending design features a unique interior trench that allows for a perfect seal, with either round or duckbill tipped CCELLS.

How does the cartridge operate while inverted?- Where do I put my DabCap on my piece?

A: CCELL cartridges have very large interior ceramic wicks. These wicks hold nearly .2g of oil when fully saturated, which allows for the user to draw several large hits before needing to re-saturate. Additionally, quality distillate should be viscous enough that it rarely drips down within the duration of use.

Remove bowl piece/banger, and use the DabCap directly on your piece’s downstream. The DabCap is compatible with both male and female pieces.

Features of Dabcaps black Ice

  • Compatible with most extraction devices or water-pipes
  • Detailed embossed ‘P’ logo and ‘DabCap’ logo

Product Details

  • Premium, heat resistant food-grade silicone
  • Made in USA




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