PLUG DNA: Syndicate OG – PLUGPlay DNA Syndicate OG Vape 1G Cartridge

Syndicate OG: We are proud to announce our exclusive collaboration with our friends over at The Syndicate to create a one-of-a-kind exclusive DNA Plug – SYNDICATE, made famous by The Syndicate has become a staple in the San Fernando Valley area for the past couple of years, so it’s only right that we paid homage to  OG’s profile and created a PLUG together. Known for its earthy aroma and relaxation effects, the Syndicate will get you walking on cloud nine with euphoric feelings that’ll get you chillin’ on the couch with your favorite songs on replay. Putting a new twist on an old classic.

Plug N Play DNA Pod 1g SyndicateOG -PlugPlay DNA – SyndicateOG 1000mg

Flavors: Earthy and Pungent
Feels: Chill and Soothing
Helps: Insomnia and Fatigue

PLUGplay PLUG DNA: Syndicate – PLUGplay PLUG DNA: Syndicate Reviews

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Weight 1 g

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  1. Brooke Gary Jordan

    Where can you find some of the best tasting CBD gummies in the UK?

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